This is me at almost 39 weeks pregnant. A little bit uncomfortable with having pictures like these taken. The best way to take my picture is when I'm not aware of it or when I'm not looking into a lens. But, thanks to one of my best friends who makes me feel safe and an amazing camera, I have this beautiful digital memory that makes me very proud. 


So I'm sharing.  I want to tell you how I've dealt with stuff. Not because I think I did everything brilliantly, but because there are experiences of which I'm very proud and things of which I believe I could have done it differently. I set a high standard for myself. It takes me to places where I want to be and it's also a burden to me. By writing down my deepest thoughts, I manage to stay grounded and close to earth. I feel that no one should go through stuff alone if they don't want to. Let's help each other. Let's show each other the naked truth. Let's be pure. Up here you can find the links to the stories I've written.


t h a n k s.  x